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Deconstructing Myths about Choosing an Undergraduate Major

Nov 16th 2018

You might be looking forward to that day when a university won't offer any degrees. It's located in Brissy, if not far from dear old Sydney. You have nothing against New South Wales, having lived there all your life. You haven't been to Melbs, though. You wonder if Victoria's capital is the best place to study. If you haven't heard about a degree course called Enigmatology, then you may be the first. You're still thinking of a degree (or not having one). Let's have a closer look....
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The Step-by-Step Guide in Applying to a University

Nov 2nd 2018

If you think that it would be easy to apply for a place in the university, then you wouldn't read this post at this moment. You must be aware that the application process requires your attention to details, and it won't be the admissions essay alone. The first step to this (long) process is not to come up with your short list of universities, all of which are located on the East Coast. You must have decided that you want to pursue an undergraduate degree, hoping that this can help you find a job (of your liking) after you leave the university. (It can also be a few months after graduation.) You're tempted to forego the application, as you want to give in to wanderlust. Hold that thought....
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Should Reading Lists Come with a Content Warning?

Oct 23rd 2018

The Me Too movement would divide readers on the case of Junot Díaz, the acclaimed novelist who is accused of sexual harassment. He would deny it, but it cast a shadow on his identity as a progressive icon on masculinity and race. Anyone who suspected Díaz of doing such things may be jealous of his literary success, yet his case won't be the first. There have been similar cases, which would go decades back. It happens that university students read and study their works. University administrators must put a content warning, right? It would be a yes and no, but it doesn't suggest that readers must be fence sitters on this issue....
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