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How Can Literature Students Cope with Coursework Pressure

Jan 24th 2020

You met an older student during a (campus) visit to your university of choice, and that student would graduate soon. You got lots of advice on how to maintain a social life, which amused you. Authors would be your companions, as you pursue a degree in Literature. The coursework pressure starts early, so it's a case of coping early or late. Is the study of literature more challenging than pursuing a law degree (or any university major)?...
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5 Ways to Prepare for University in High School

Jan 20th 2020

You have been told that you're a lucky teenager, as Australia values student-life balance. It doesn't mean that you don't need to prepare for your entry to the university, though. You're concerned about the bushfire affecting New South Wales, and you're lucky that your (high school) instructor didn't expect a creative response from you (regarding this crisis). University is another thing, so you must give more than your two cents on this issue. ...
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6 Simple Ways to be an Outstanding History Student

Jan 17th 2020

You want to pursue a degree in History, and you intend to stand out. Frequent visits to the museums would make admissions tutors notice you right away. You're excited about career prospects, and a curator would be one of those options. Is it good enough? Let's try to apply, if not play around, historical events and figures; the chain of past events wouldn't be changed if you remove the people involved in it. So it would be safe to say that another Englishman could be the first (Englishman) to set foot in Australia if it wouldn't be William Dampier. ...
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